Frequently Asked Questions

Who can create a quote?

Everyone can create an appointment. If the appointment is for a minor must complete the form of representative when creating the appointment.

Do I have to be registered?

Effectively, you must register to create the appointment but may do so just when creating the appointment quickly.

Can I create multiple appointments for the same doctor?

No, you can only get an appointment without regard to a doctor. Once that date is met may request another appointment with the same professional. The professional self can create recurring appointments for users.

What is the price?

None, its free, all you pay is your appointments since it is the cost that professionals, but not to pay anything for the use of the system itself.

If I am wrong I can change my appointment?

Depends professional. Each professional can set how long gives a user to modify their appointments, the professional can not allow users to change their appointments to avoid problems.

How long before I can create an appointment?

You have a whole year ahead of the current date.

Can a professional change my appointment without consulting me?

Indeed, each professional has his agenda and can manage according to their needs, he'll tell you when to change an appointment.

I can? Create appointments for other people?

Yes, position yourself as a representative only when creating the appointment and the appointment is assigned to your user. The other person does not have to have a registered account.

What is the price of a date?

Depends professional when creating the appointment, the last step before you get the price book.

If canceled my appointment I returned the money?

That is an issue that will have to deal with the professional that created the appointment, each employee can have a different cancellation policy.

What payment methods are available?

For now you can pay by Visa or MasterCard. In the near future it will implement the payment system PayPal and bank transfers.